IPLC-HK V2 New entry nodes s2 and s53

We are pleased to inform our clients that we have added a new circuit to our IPLC-HK V2 service. This new circuit is provided by China Telecom, and we have deployed the following new entry nodes: Node s2 has the same outbound routing as s1 (Hong Kong), but offers better latency and speed for China Telecom customers Node s53 has the same outbound ... Читать далее »

12 Авг 2023
IPLC-HK V2 S52 US circuit update

We have been receiving reports of Google services being unavailable via node S52.

After further investigation we were able to locate the issue at one of our upstream providers. We have rerouted the traffic to use an alternative path, and the connectivity is now restored. 

8 Авг 2023